Based on the capacity skills needs emerged in T1.3 (Local Focus Groups), UNITE, UNIVE, UNIIO, UNIZA and MINALB developed the contents of the one-week “Sustainable Tourism Training Course” aimed to offer technical training in tourist services and to enhance the value of the fixed and movable cultural heritage in ancient harbors.

Consequently, the course includes:
– services related to the tourism and cultural industry;
– preservation, enhancement and management of cultural heritage;
– community awareness activities.

Originally, the course was supposed to last 40 hours and was meant to be realized locally in the Ortona Pilot Site by selecting -with a public call- almost 20-25 participants among tourism employees, who have the ambition and potential to advance their career in the tourism sector, and unemployed young people who are looking for opportunities to enter the sector individuated with the support of local key actors.

Nevertheless, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the structure of the Ortona Training Course was modified in order to meet the Italian social distancing measurements. As a consequence, the Ortona Training Course was held as an online training course.

The final Training Course was entirely created by the University of Teramo which managed to develop 9 Training Modules :

1.1 Sustainable Tourism, Principles and Ethics
1.2 Local Communities and Social Changing Processes
1.3 10 Golden Rules for making a Sustainable Cultural Heritage Tourism Proposal

2.1 Historical Sources, Maritime Routes and Networking processes in the Italic harbors of Middle-Adriatic
2.2 From Historical Sources to Narrative: historical reconstruction of ancient contexts and materials
2.3 Storytelling and Audience engagement related to Tourism

3.1 The History of Ortona: information and facts beyond the common narrative
3.2 The archaeological and material evidence: artifacts, maps and photos to be used to narrate the past
3.3 Historical and Tourism experiences around Ortona.

To access the courses, please visit Private Area – APPRODI