Among the new deliverables of APPRODI PLUS, we can find a series of online training courses.

The on-line training courses will be based on the contents already developed within APPRODI project, updated, and improved with the aim to make part of the content produced – originally conceived only for specific stakeholders – available for the general tourism promotion of ports and maritime ancient routes. Approdi will re-create a specific series of online Training Courses, with a different design from the previous ones and with additional contents. These online modules will be uploaded in a new e-learning area of The Approdi platform. All the partners will provide specific information about the impact of the Covid19 on the tourist and economic activities of the harbours institutions and the other public and private stakeholders linked with the historical harbour. Specific contents and actualized materials will be developed during the project, taking into consideration also the inputs acquired during the previous actions of the project described above.

Each partner will record 3 modules:

Module 1: The history of Venice, Dubrovnik, Durres and Corfù 

The tourism experiences around the cities: main tourist attractions related to the history of Venice, Dubrovnik, Durres and Corfù 

Module 2: Archaeological remains of the sites of Venice, Dubrovnik, Durres and Corfù 

Archaeological findings, description of the of the pilot site, the methodology used, the innovative tools employed, the discoveries made, historical references

Module 3: Tourism marketing – sustainable tourism – enhancement of cultural heritage

Which forms of promotion/marketing to stimulate new forms of sustainable tourism, how the strategy changed during the Covid pandemic19; which instruments-actions for post-Covid recovery; the new EU financial tools (Next Generation EU, Green New Deal, European Bauhaus, incoming Interreg, LIFE and other EU programmes).

Let’s have a look at the first pictures from our Dubrovnik’s pilot case.

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